Adding Real Value Brick by Brick

MBB is a startup by any definition, having clawed our way from the bottom with nothing but bootstraps and an indomitable will. Every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears was poured into trying to create as much value for our members as possible.
Given our startup mentality, we’ve consistently tested new things and pivoted based on what the data presented. Every product we’ve rolled out to-date has had a unique pricing mechanism, ranging from FREE, to monthly subscription or lifetime access by simply holding an MBB NFT.
Let’s take it back to the beginning.
Our initial product, MBB Market Watch & Sniper, was a free tool for members to find value buys across our MBB collection. Users are able to view all available MBB NFTs, and quickly filter by ‘Ultra Rare’ and ‘Sniper’ categories to quickly find the best deals on MBBs.
While many tools like this now exist, we were one of the first tools to showcase NFTs from a project in this fashion which also led to fair market pricing for desirable rare traits across our collection.
First project under the MBB umbrella = Slam Dunk!
As our community began to grow and evolve, members were asking for a way to view historical price data on collections, while also monitoring listing counts and other valuable statistics like whale holdings and more (this was before MagicEden even made these stats available).
That led to the creation of SolObserver.com SOLObserver.com is a Blockchain analytics platform focused on the visualization of NFT data. As the ultimate source for Solana NFT data, we provide our members with broader collection statistics to ensure they have as much context as possible.
SolObserver.com was built exclusively for MBB holders, but is also available for FREE to the general public. We built it because our members wanted it, not because we were planning to make a ton of money on the tool.
We have yet to make any money on SolObserver.com (it’s FREE), yet we continue to update the platform with new collections and data to allow our members to gain better insights into collections they are actively trading or investing in.
What’s the takeaway here? MBB builds tools that provide VALUE to our community whether they generate revenue or not and without the promise of rev share, fake ponzi tokens or other artificial promises geared towards inflating the price of the MBB floor.
The kicker is that MBB absorbs & responds to feedback incredibly well. Almost all of our features & updates come directly from user feedback, which creates a true sense of community participation towards strengthening the tools available and how they are used amongst our members. With new metas came the desire for more advanced tooling to allow MBB members to withstand an edge on the market against a space littered by bots, scam pump and dumps, and more.
That’s where Soller.ai comes into play.
Soller.ai is MBB’s FLAGSHIP product. It is an on-chain data analytics, minting and secondary market purchasing tool for Solana NFT’s. Holding 1 MBB provides you with access to Soller.ai in Read-Only mode.
Read-only mode allows you to monitor the chain, view new and upcoming mints, monitor the supply of ongoing mints, as well as browse collections on secondary markets.
For a small payment in SOL, members can unleash the full potential of Soller.ai.
That includes being able to mint projects directly on-chain, purchasing NFTs from secondary markets on-chain, viewing trending mints and collections so you are always up-to-date with what’s ‘hot’ or worth spending your time on, monitoring mints in real-time, viewing undervalued collections and so much more…
Soller users are often exclaiming how they "could not trade Solana NFT’s without it". This is a testament to the hard work we put in to creating a UNIQUE platform that provides our members with as much data as possible surrounding Solana NFT mints and secondary market collections. Being able to mint, buy and list NFTs directly from Soller without ever leaving the website is just icing on the cake!
Soller is an extremely elaborate platform (currently monitoring over 13 million+ NFTs, 43,000+ collections & 76,000+ mint projects) and for this reason we have rolled it out in phases. We originally released the product exclusively to a hand-picked group of Beta Testers. We then released it on a tiered basis exclusively to MBB holders, providing discounts on the pricing depending on the # of MBB’s you own.
Having been developing software and applications for 15+ years, we know that the best way to create an amazing product is to have a small subset of users using the tool religiously and then taking their feedback, improving the platform, iterating, adding features, and then optimizing for stability.
While Soller.ai lets you view/sort NFTs by rarity, we wanted to create a way for members to drill-down to the attribute level in a very granular way and gain insights into the value of NFTs, their attribute-specific sales history, trader behaviors and then be alerted once certain criteria were met.
That led to the creation of KillShot.ai.
KillShot provides multiple functions all designed around giving you the best data so you can make informed NFT purchasing decisions quickly and with confidence. KillShot provides sales history and metrics at the attribute level. Comps — much like checking sales prices for houses in your neighborhood — allow you to see what similar-rarity targets are selling for in seconds. KillShot Appraisals go a step further and give you a non-biased appraised value for every NFT in a collection — good or bad — so you instantly know what a target is worth based on performant attributes and sales.
KillShot is a standalone product that was released via a mint of our KillShot NFT Badges. The reasoning behind creating a lifetime access product behind a new NFT was to 1) allow others to get a feel for the type of quality MBB provides in our tool-sets without having to own an MBB, 2) to test out a new pricing model for the future release of new tools.
KillShot is NOT a bot, nor is it going to automatically buy an NFT for you — but IT WILL provide you with an incredible amount of information about an NFT in established collections and allow you to make the most informed purchasing decisions. You can also buy NFTs from MagicEden directly off of KillShot without ever having to leave the website — a win-win for everyone using it. Satellite Communities
As broader market participants, we developed ‘satellite’ communities within MBB to allow for thoughtful discussion around other projects (for example: ABC, DeGods/y00ts, DAA, etc.).
Learn more about MBB's Satellite Communities here.
1/1 Art Initiative
As we grew more, it became apparent that many community members were 1/1 Art enthusiasts, and therefore dedicated a section of our Discord to the 1/1 Art Sector.
In our Art Center, community members discuss, display, and trade 1/1 Art. We also boast a member curated art gallery that has been donated by the community, and is decentralized behind a multi-sig wallet consisting of 5 signers. Learn more about MBB's 1/1 Art initiative here.
MBB Supers Program
Monkey Baby Business Supers are their very own collection of 50 superhero and villain NFT's designed by Monkey Baby Business. Once fully distributed, they will be added to marketplaces and each MBB Super will be equivalent to one MBB for discord as well as MBB services purposes.
We've developed a unique system to reward contributors to our community in the form of 'points'. These earned points can then be used to redeem MBB Supers on a monthly basis. You can earn points through alpha plays, twitter threads, brand graphics, new initiatives, brand videos and much much more! None of the Supers can be bought , they can only be earned. They are all 1/1 animated, and include a physical Slabz card that will be shipped out to the holder - making them truly a collector's delight.
Why hold multiple MBBs? It’s simple. More Babies = More Benefits! This ranges from informal talks with influential members of the community, a tighter-knit sub-community with more opportunities, and large discounts/free access to MBBs various tools.
As one of the most active developers on the Solana ecosystem, rest assured that we're constantly working to improve what we offer the community. Stay updated on: