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Getting started

To access Soller, you must be holding at least 1 MBB NFT, and have either a read-only or full access plan.

Make sure you have the required NFTs in your wallet, and navigate to https://www.soller.ai/ to get started.

→ Approve the nonce

→ Read and Accept the Terms of Service

Once you have successfully logged in, navigate to the footer or sidebar and click ‘User Guide’ to familiarize yourself with the platform.

Once connected with your phantom wallet containing your MBB NFTs, you are able to switch to a burner wallet like you normally would. The system will not log you out.

All the data that you see is updating live, in real-time, with no refreshing needed.


Soller offers you various themes, so you can use the application based on your layout preferences. You can choose between Square, Round and Round Simple. Square and Round differ stylistically, namely using a square or round finish on components and the placement of the navigation bar. Round Simple offers the same stylistic choices as Round, but hides some of the advanced global filters. The views can be compared below:


Round Simple


Membership Plans

To access Soller you must be holding at least 1 MBB NFT.

Read Only and Full Access plans are billed on a monthly basis. If you pay today, your membership will be good for a one month period at which point you'll need to pay again. The Soller Introductory Plan is billed on a daily basis. If you pay today, your membership will be good for a 24 hour period at which point you'll need to pay again or upgrade your plan.

Soller Introductory Plan (24 Hours of Full Access) 1 MBB + 2 SOL/24 hours

Read Only (ONLY includes: search, upcoming mints, mint numbers) 1 MBB + 0 SOL = Read Only Access with Full Access for FREE every FRIDAY

Important: If you pay for Soller Introductory (2 SOL/24 hours) and want to upgrade to a Full Access plan, you will need to pay the full amount listed below to gain Full Access. Soller does not prorate transactions. For example: If you have 1 MBB and you pay 2 SOL. If later you want to upgrade to a Full Access plan, you'll need to purchase additional MBB's and then make the full SOL payment as indicated below based on your tier. In this example you will have paid 5 SOL total.

Full Access Plans:

1 MBB + 3 sol/month

3-4 MBB + 2.5 sol/month

5+ MBB + 1 sol/month

10+ MBB + .5 sol/month

Wallet Support ( + Ledger)

Soller currently works with Phantom, Slope, Solflare, Backpack and Ledger wallets. Ledger wallets must use Phantom for connectivity. Once you connect via Phantom, if you want to use Solflare etc, you can do so for your minting (just like using your burner wallet). You will also need to make your payment from the same wallet containing your MBB's.

Important Note Re: Ledger: In order to complete transactions using Phantom and your Ledger device, you will need to “enable blind signing” within the settings of your SOL account; this will enable your device to sign for complex smart contracts.

How do I pay?

To make a payment and activate your account, send the appropriate SOL amount according to the number of MBB NFTs in your wallet to the address below, and once the transfer is complete, please disconnect and reconnect.


Minting / Secondary Markets Overview


Soller has 2 main views, centered around minting, or browsing secondary markets. Your view can be toggled by navigating to the top right of the screen as seen below:

You can personalize your experience using the filters seen below:

Using these, you are able to globally limit all of Soller to show you only a specific marketplace or price range.

For both views, the navigation bar provides you with various collection filters. These are:

  • Minting machine used

  • Maximum Price

  • How Actively it’s being traded

  • Which one is most liked by users

  • Which is considered most undervalued

  • Those on your Watchlist

  • Those you have Favorited

  • Most Popular

  • Most Unpopular

Additionally, you are able to filter for upcoming mints, as seen below:

Collection Filters explained


To see what’s “Trending” for mints or “Trading” for secondary purchases, click the “fire” icon on the navigation bar.

Each collection has an associated Trending/Trading score, denominated by the number next to the fire emoji:

This number refers to the 5 minute moving average of mints/secondary purchases, depending on the view. Therefore, the trading score of 10 seen above refers to the amount of secondary sales which have occurred in a 5 minute time span, with the comma separating the sales occurring each minute.

This is one of Soller's most valuable features, given that it is the mechanism which triggers alerts. In the settings, you can toggle these alerts to match a trading/trending score of your preference. This way, you’re able to leave Soller open and receive a sound alert, allowing you to act on opportunities quickly.

This is the same trending score we provide in the MBB Discord channels, but Soller.ai is showing data in REAL TIME. The score is calculating the # of tx’s/minute and is tabulated every 5 minutes, adding together the 5 minute scores and then on the next minute it will drop the last minute (6 minutes ago). Meaning, if people are minting/purchasing it heavily it will trend, and if it starts dying down, the trend score will also fall accordingly.

Please keep in mind that the trending score is a constantly changing number because minting/purchasing can trend hard at first and then completely die out.

Favorites/Watch List

If there’s a mint or collection that you would like to keep tabs on, you can favorite it or add it to your watch list by clicking either the “eye” or the “heart” icon.

Once you do that, click on the “eye” or “heart” icon on the Navigation bar and you will see the lists you have created. They essentially function the same way, but you have two buckets to work with. You may want to favorite something that is upcoming in 3 weeks, and you may also want to 'watch' something that is dropping today. Utilizing these features, you will have a way to maintain 2 running lists to help avoid clutter, for both mints and secondary markets.

Upcoming (Mints only)

To find upcoming mints, look on the Navigation bar for the ‘clock’ icon. If you hover over it, it says “Upcoming”.

Those are all “upcoming” mints sorted by release date (ON CHAIN). If no release date has been set by the creator, they will show at the bottom of the list. You cannot mint anything that has a release date in the FUTURE even though you have a mint button. This is by design; with the reason being that the release date is controlled by the creator. A creator can snap their fingers and make something that is supposedly dropping in 3 weeks, drop this very instant. The timing is also LIVE, so as soon as the contract changes, you will see it in real-time.


These are the most sold collections, by number - not by volume, which also have had some kind of movement within the last week.


This refers to every collection that doesn't have at least 10 NFTs in its portfolio.


Undervalued collections are those with the biggest differences between average and floor price, as well as having had some kind of movement within the last week. Movement refers to listings, transfers, sales or staking/unstaking.


Banned collections are those that you have chosen to not view in the future. This could be applied to NSFW, fake or simply a collection you don’t want to see.

Collection Features

Each Collection has various buttons, as seen below:

The “Heart” icon adds/removes the collection from your Favorites.

The “Eye” icon adds/removes the collection from your Watch List.

The “Thumbs up” and “Thumbs down” icon Likes/Dislikes a collection.

The “Ban” icon bans/unbans a collection from your Soller instance.

The “Cloud” icon re-fetches data if for whatever reason it does not appear. The “Refresh” icon brings statistics/listings up to speed, if it ever falls behind.


In order to optimize your experience, click on the “wallet” icon on the Navigation bar and scroll down till you reach the settings interface as seen below:

Here you can set your default minting and purchasing preferences, to ensure both a personalized experience. Additionally, consider modifying alerts and changing themes to best match your needs. You can see an example of an active alert below:

Informational Tags

Collections are accompanied by informational tags, as seen below:

Information/Warning Indicator Labels are for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES only.

These includes labels such as:

Spam – This means that we have detected multiple attempts to trick people into buying fake projects and so they will be put into a spam list. Whales – This means that wallets with a significant holding (1,000 SOL or more) are participating in either the mint or secondary markets. Dump - This means that a project is being sold off heavily. The filter is triggered when 90% of the last X transactions are listings. Sweep - This means that a project is being bought heavily. The filter is triggered when 90% of the last X transactions are purchases.

Fake – This means that we have detected multiple creators with varying royalty % distribution. This does NOT mean that the project is 100% fake.

Clone – This means that there is another collection with the same title. It is used to help you detect candy machine decoys.

Pre-mint – This is shown when it is determined that only the creator is minting at that time so not really trending or being bought up by others.

New – This is shown when there has been nothing minted from a collection yet and the machine just has been set up.

Private – Collections with very few NFT’s in their available supply (below 30) are notated as private.

Sold Out – This will appear once a collection has sold out.

Deleted – This will appear once a project has been deleted usually when minting is over.


Collections which have upcoming or live mints are displayed as can be seen below:

You are presented with:

  • Contract Address

  • Update Authority

  • Royalty Percentages

  • Total Supply

  • Amount Purchased

  • Amount Remaining

  • Price (SOL)

  • Date

  • Minting Machine

Upon clicking the “mint” button, you are presented with the interface seen below:

The informational graph allows you to see how many mints are occurring, the total amount of wallets that have minted, and the ratio of NFTs to wallets.

The minting buttons allow you to mint one, or multiple NFTs. As mentioned before, the multiple mint feature is capped at 20, and the defaults can be set in the user settings interface.

Secondary Markets

Collections with live secondary markets are displayed as seen below:

You are presented with:

  • Contract Address

  • Minting Machine

  • Royalty Percentages

  • Amount Listed

  • Total Sales

  • Total Volume

  • Average Sale Price

  • Floor Price (SOL)

  • Wallet Distributions

Upon clicking the “Buy & Sell” button, you are presented with more detailed information and advanced filters as seen below:

Further below, you are able to see a feed of live listings, which can be filtered based on your preferences:

You may notice that individual NFTs are accompanied by a color scheme, as can be seen below:

Hovering over an NFT brings up a modal which allows you to see its comparative rarity. It is important to note that Soller makes this calculation based on metadata, and not charts provided by creators. Clicking on the Wallet owners address on an individual NFT will automatically copy it, as highlighted below:

Secondary Market Filters

You are able to filter specific collections listings as seen below:

In addition to being able to filter listings by time, price, rarity and sales, you’re able to get in depth wallet information. An example can be seen below:

Wallets are sorted by amount of NFTs held by default, and show the amount listed as well as the total portfolio value for the collection. Upon clicking on a wallet, you are able to see which NFTs they hold, for how much they were purchased and the actions taken such as transferred, bought and more.

Lastly we have the sweeping feature, as can be seen below:

Here, you are able to sweep as many NFTs as you want, and set price ranges that suit your needs. As mentioned previously, you are able to set your multi-buy default presets in the user settings interface.

It doesn’t end here

Soller was created and is maintained by the 40+ strong dev team @ Monkey Baby Business. As one of the most active developers in the Solana ecosystem, rest assured that we're constantly working to improve the Soller.ai platform with new features designed to deliver more and more value. Be sure to follow MBB on Twitter for announcements of new features, tips, and tricks.

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