Monkey Baby Business

Value Proposition

The MBB community is a breath of fresh air in an NFT space so often full of noise and toxicity. Our value is evident enough when we all add puzzle pieces to something we agree on, but it shines like a beacon when we disagree. The dialogue often seeks first to understand the diametric viewpoints, then forges them into something new, often better.
We come away from disagreements smarter, not angrier.
It is an alpha driven community with a carefully crafted culture of respectful information sharing. A place people can come not just to be heard, but to listen.
A staggering number of MBBs are IRL venture capitalists, stock market pros, tech developers, and real estate investors. MBB is a golden ticket to some of the most brilliant minds in the space — all working together to discuss everything from NFT’s, to TradFi, Real Estate, Economics and more. This is what solidifies MBB as a true bluechip in the Solana NFT space. Babies are stronger together.
At MBB, we strive to create a safe and supportive environment for a diverse community of thoughtful individuals.
Our goal is to provide our members with the opportunity to share ideas, collaborate, and engage in meaningful dialogues.
We believe in the power of human intellectual capital, and actively seek to attract some of the brightest minds in the space.
Our commitment to creating value for our members is unwavering, and we are continuously working to develop tools that make it easier to access and interpret information. As we continue to empower our community, we anticipate welcoming more of the brightest minds to MBB.