Our Vision & Our Values

Our vision for Monkey Baby Business is to become the preeminent leading community in Web3. We are a self-sufficient ecosystem of builders, entrepreneurs, collectors, and community members providing unparalleled access to the best minds and tools in Web3.
We believe that by staying ahead of the curve and continuously innovating, we can help shape the future of the web3 ecosystem and create a brighter tomorrow for everyone.
Any success has to be measured against our humanity. If those scales don't balance then we haven't succeeded at all.
At our core, we aim to pair intelligence and progress with the following:
  • Integrity: MBBs act with the highest level of integrity and pursue work in an honest and ethical manner.
  • Openness: MBBs operate transparently and consistently to share knowledge to build open communities. It's not about just our boat, it's about making the whole tide rise.
  • Giving Back: MBBs win and help win. Whether it be assisting other NFT communities, members of our own, or donating charitably to real life causes, our goal is to improve the world we live in. For everyone.