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Quick Summary

1) MBB rose from the ashes into one of the most prestigious communities in the Solana NFT space.
2) Our tool sets were created to provide VALUE to our members. See: Soller, KillShot, SolObserver, SOL NFT Loans Tracker
3) Our greatest value comes from access to the human intellectual capital available in our community.
4) We are entirely self-funded.
5) We don’t utilize any gimmicks, cash grabs or ponzinomics to inflate the price of our collection.
6) We aim to be an oasis in a space littered with toxicity.
7) Art upgrades, powered by Magical Banana Milk will create am even larger appeal for our NFT’s.
8) Our team is as relentless as they come — don’t sleep on the babies. It's only fair. The team doesn't sleep at all.