Holder Tiers

Why hold multiple MBB? It’s simple! More Babies = More Benefits.
At MBB, there are 3 roles, Monkey Baby Holders(1+), MiniBus Drivers(5+) and Bus Drivers(15+).
An overview can be seen below: https://www.monkeybaby.business/tiers
Both Minibus and Bus Drivers have access to MBB Fireside Chats. These informal talks are held with influential members of the Solana Community on a regular basis, allowing you to gain intimate insights into new, emerging and successful projects directly from their founders.
The MiniBus Driver and Bus Driver chats are available exclusively to those who hold the required amount of MBBs. These exclusive chats provide you with the opportunity to engage with a tighter-knit group, while still being part of the broader community. Additionally, there are various opportunities only available to members of these tiers. Holding multiple MBBs also grants you either drastically reduced costs or completely free access to all tools offered by Monkey Baby Business.