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Broad Overview

What is
Soller is Monkey Baby Business's flagship Data Analytics and On-Chain Minting & Secondary Market Purchasing Platform. The Solana NFT landscape is filled with thousands of new projects and upcoming mints and Soller helps reduce this noise.
Soller offers a unique advantage in the minting and secondary markets through a combination of advanced technology and superior contextual data. Our platform enables users to easily monitor trends and set alerts, ensuring that they are always up-to-date with minimal effort. Our real-time data fetching allows for informed decision-making in minting and purchasing, and our platform also includes tools for automating processes such as multi-minting and sweeping.
To view the full depth of the Soller platform, please refer to the User Guide.

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An example would be a scenario where you are alerted that a ‘hot’ mint is ongoing. Upon clicking the alert, Soller will aggregate the necessary information you need to know about the mint setup, ongoing mint statistics, and the ability to easily multi-mint up to 20 NFTs at a time.
Soller's main minting features include:
  • Alerts
You are able to set alerts based on Trending scores (5 minute moving average of amount minted) which match your preferences.
  • Upcoming & Live mints
Stay informed about both live and upcoming mints. Our platform has a filterable search function, allowing you to easily find what you’re looking for. Paired with alerts, you’ll know when a ‘hot’, ongoing mint is occurring.
  • Single & Multi Minting
Mint up to 20 NFTs per transaction, directly On-Chain, to ensure a smooth and speedy experience.
Secondary Markets
As an example, consider the scenario where you are alerted to heavy trading activity in a specific collection. Our platform allows you to quickly view key metrics such as the number of sales in the past 5 minutes, the involvement of whales, a feed of listings, and relevant collection statistics. With just one click, you can access a comprehensive graph of all important statistics, sort listings using customizable filters, and view wallet distributions and the NFTs they hold from the collection. You can even hover over individual NFTs to see their comparative rarity before making a decision. Automated processes such as sweeping are also easily accessible with just a few clicks.
Soller's main secondary market features include:
  • Alerts
You are able to set alerts based on Trading scores (5 minute moving average of amount traded) which match your preferences. Note: Trading differs from Trending mentioned in the minting section.
  • Secondary Marketplace Browsing
Soller allows you to globally filter the platform to only include certain price ranges or marketplaces. Our Secondary Market integrations are designed to enrich your browsing and purchasing experience through the creation of various novel filters. For each collection, we aggregate important data and allow you to sort listings based on your preferences.
  • Wallet Information
For each collection, Soller provides you with a wallet distribution, sorted by amount of NFTs held by default. Upon clicking on a wallet, you’re able to see the NFTs it holds from that collection.
  • Purchasing NFTs
You are able to purchase NFTs directly on the Soller platform, and if you’d rather sweep, you’re able to do so seamlessly within a few clicks.
Membership Plans
Non-MBB holders can browse around for FREE or subscribe to our monthly membership package for full access.
There is no charge to use Soller if you hold at least 1 Monkey Baby Business (MBB) NFT.
Full Access Plans for Non-MBB holders:
1 SOL/month
Wallet Support ( + Ledger)
Soller currently works with Phantom, Slope, Solflare, Backpack and Ledger wallets. Ledger wallets must use Phantom for connectivity. Once you connect via Phantom, if you want to use Solflare etc, you can do so for your minting (just like using your burner wallet). You will also need to make your payment from the same wallet containing your MBB's.
Important Note Re: Ledger: In order to complete transactions using Phantom and your Ledger device, you will need to “enable blind signing” within the settings of your SOL account; this will enable your device to sign for complex smart contracts.
How do I pay?
To make a payment and activate your account, send the appropriate SOL amount according to the number of MBB NFTs in your wallet to the address below, and once the transfer is complete, please disconnect and reconnect.
Intrigued? Read the Soller User Guide to learn more!