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Once upon a time, a large Solana Monkey Business (SMB) holder created an NFT collection called Monkey Baby Business as a gift for the MonkeDAO.
The intention was to allow new people to gain limited exposure to the prohibitively expensive (for most) and desirable MonkeDAO without owning an SMB NFT.
It was meant to be a stepping stone, inspiring holders to ultimately work their way up to owning an SMB once they could afford one.
Approximately 1,500 MBB NFTs were airdropped for FREE to verified MonkeDAO holders. All mint proceeds from the remaining 1,500 minted NFTs and all subsequent royalties for months were also donated to MonkeDAO. This was no token amount; it was quite the sum at the time.
But as with most plans, things did not go according to the original script.
After a very tight vote, MBB was not absorbed into the official collection.
Oh. Oh my. So they have no purpose then? Just another derivative in the garbage heap of history...
Well, it turns out you never run out of road with a growth mindset and enough elbow grease to make Exxon-Mobile start asking your joints for drilling permits.
Yes, MBB was initially created to be a purely PFP-driven community. But when plans had to change, the founder stepped up to the plate and used every resource available to create value for holders. Babies don't have SMB's provenance? Fine. He'll build innovative tools and platforms from scratch, things that he saw the Solana NFT space needed. He'll build an unrivaled community, member by member. He'll produce new Discord channels, new art galleries, new spotlights.
And they did. What the project has transformed into since that date is something that every MBB member should be extremely proud of.
The collection of 3,000 NFTs was either airdropped or minted for .2 sol, and for reasons you now know, all the mint proceeds and initial royalties were given away. Once it was officially a stand-alone project it had not an ounce of gas in the tank. Just an empty treasury and some cute JPEGs.
Babies literally started at ground zero. But then again, so do rockets.
And as a silver lining, MBB is proud to be a leading example of an NFT project that has not raised any outside capital. All of the projects and initiatives are funded directly by the organization, sometimes even at a loss in order to build for the future.