Magical Banana Milk

Magical Banana Milk is a very special type of milk. It's made especially for Monkey Babies from the finest selection of organic gros michel bananas (look them up), grass fed milk from the cow Jack traded to get his beans, and pixie dust gathered just after the first light of dawn.
Use: Feed the milk to your Baby to change the art. 2 Milks for a 3D Baby. Previews below!
Perhaps the most interesting thing about Magical Banana Milk is that once your Baby drinks it... the Milk is gone. Forever. Making it a deflationary supply. Oh, and recall how there are 3,000 MBBs? There are only 2,578 bottles of milk. So there's not enough to begin with and it's a shrinking supply? Things could get interesting...
With our Magical Banana Milk initiative, we plan to try something never done before by allowing the community to decide on the direction of the collection’s art both now and into the future. If you prefer a different style of monkey baby that represents you better for your PFP, you can do that.
2 Magical Banana Milks can be used transform your MBB to a 3D MBB like these beauties:
- Upgrades can be initiated to transform your MBB from the original pixel art to a 3D MBB.
- There is no cost to revert back to the original pixel art MBB from 3D babies. You can transform your babies as many times as you have milk bottles. But as a reminder, the bottles have a deflationary supply and will be burned once used. Once all the supply has been completely used, that will be the final collection (unless holders decide to revert their MBBs back to the original pixel art). There will not be a preview of your baby before you burn your milk but be on the lookout as art sneak peaks are often made available throughout the Discord!
Your NFT, the ART STYLE of YOUR CHOICE. You can upgrade all or none of your babies or anything in between (as long as you have milk)! Purchase your own Magical Banana Milk today: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/magical_banana_milk​