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Our Founder

Monkey Baby Business (MBB) was founded by a man who goes by the handle of F Inn, but is often just called "Finn." Launching and raising the Babies was not Finn's first tech rodeo, though it was the first time he saddled up in web3. It was a poetic entrance for him, as he started his entrepreneurial hot streak while still practically a baby himself. In his opening months as a pre-pubescent 13 year old teenager he began developing websites and starting businesses. He learned how to code before he learned how to shave, and here's the real kicker: he was GOOD at it. Now we sit here a few decades later and he has grown into an unequivocally accomplished technology entrepreneur and investor.
Among his notable achievements:
  • Co-founding and serving as managing partner for a high-end managed website hosting and IT solutions provider.
  • He was the owner and CTO of a leading online insurance platform prior to its acquisition.
  • He currently serves as the founder and CEO of a South Florida-based web design and development firm, known for its cutting-edge approach to the industry.
  • Oh, AND Finn is also the co-founder and CTO of a tech firm that provides online marketing services to small businesses. He has a 40 person team for IRL web2 business that he uses as a resource for web3.
Would you bet against this man? Yeah, good luck with that.

Fun Facts

Finn considers himself a "semi-pro fisherman". Peep the MBB Discord for frequent pictures of his impressive catches.
He has a talented tongue, fluent in three languages. And that number grows dramatically if you include programming languages. Finn is a local legend for the speed at which he types and claims to have never met anyone who can type faster than him.