🎨The Artistic Creation of Monkey Baby Business

The Monkey Baby Business (MBB) NFT collection was designed from scratch and is not simply a scaled-down copy of Solana Monkey Business like many others that have attempted to capitalize on MonkeDAO's success.

While there are certain similarities, MBB has many unique traits that make it a distinct and special collection. These include our Hothead, Sunset Vipers, Red Birdie, and many other original traits.

The collection was crafted with the utmost dedication and care. Pixel enthusiasts can easily recognize the clean and distinct art that makes MBB a truly desirable on-chain digital collectible.

Top Sales

While some people may mistakenly think of MBB as a derivative, the market has shown tremendous respect for the MBB collection. New and existing holders continue to buy, sell, and trade MBBs for a worth far exceeding their humble beginnings.

Learn more about new and exciting art upgrades coming to the MBB Collection here: Magical Banana Milk

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