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User Guide

SOLObserver is the ultimate source for Solana NFT data. In order to provide you with broader context, the navigation bar on each page contains general market statistics, such as 24h price changes, market cap and volume.
Landing page:
The landing page welcomes you with graphical versions of broader NFT collection statistics, as can be seen below:
Below, you are able to explore ~100 collections we have listed at a birds-eye view. We have various filters upon which they can be sorted:
To see more detailed information, select a collection of your choice using the “Explore Data” button as seen below:
For each collection, overview stats (price, listings, ownership data) are provided. More specific views offer more detailed information, including listed tokens, holder stats, collection info, and rarity.
This view presents you with a broad set of statistics and graphs, namely:
  • Price
  • Number of Tokens Listed
  • Number of Owners
  • Price Vs Rank
  • Price Distribution
  • Price Distribution (near Floor)
  • % Owners per quantity
  • Top 10 Owners
  • Number of NFTs per owner
  • An Aggregated Chart of information
Listed Tokens
This view presents you with the collections NFT that are listed on secondary markets. Although sorted by default based on floor price, we provide you with various categories as well as links to purchase the NFTs on secondary markets if you so desire as seen below:
If you would like to filter the listed NFTs by the collections Metadata, click the “More Filters” button as seen below.
This view presents you with a list of holders, with a default sorting by amount of tokens held, as seen below:
You can view the top ranked token, as well as a preview of NFTs held by the wallet. This may make identifying the wallet easier.
All Tokens
This view presents you with a list of all tokens in the collection, sorted based on rarity by default. Additionally, you are able to filter the list based on metadata by clicking the “More Filters” button as seen below:
This view presents you with Rarity tables, separated by Metadata attributes. In order to view only certain attributes, click on the “More Filters” button as seen below:
Dark Mode
In case you prefer to use light-mode, you can make use of the toggle function on the navigation bar of each page, as seen below: