What is SOLObserver.com?

SOLObserver.com is a Solana NFT analytics platform focused on the visualization of NFT data on the Solana blockchain.

Why don’t I see a specific Collection listed?

We list collections based on user demand within the Monkey Baby Business community. If you don't see your collection listed and want to apply to be listed, please send an e-mail to monkeybabybusiness@gmail.com so that we can send you our rate sheets.

How often is data updated?

All data is updated once an hour and may be prone to errors.

How is rarity calculated?

SolObserver uses 2 types of rarity. We use 'official' rarity for collections that have provided us with their official rarity rankings. If a collection has not provided their rarity rankings, we use a Statistical Rarity algorithm to determine rarity based on traits and other factors. You can learn more about how we calculate rarity here: https://raritytools.medium.com/ranking-rarity-understanding-rarity-calculation-methods-86ceaeb9b98c

What is statistical rarity?

Statistical rarity is a calculation that multiplies all of an NFT's traits together. For example if an NFT has 2 traits with 1 trait at 10% and the other trait at 50%, the β€˜statistical rarity’ for that NFT would be (10% * 50%) = 5%.

I found a bug, how do I report it?

Please send an email to: monkeybabybusiness@gmail.com with 'BUG REPORT' in the subject line.

Who created SOLObserver.com?

SolObserver.com was created by the Monkey Baby Business team. You can learn more about Monkey Baby Business here: https://www.monkeybaby.business.

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