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Broad Overview

Market Watch & Sniper is a platform designed to help MBB holders find the best value NFTs within the Monkey Baby Business and Solana Monkey Business collections.
Getting Started
When you navigate to Market Watch, you will be prompted with the following login screen:
As the interface indicates, you must input a Wallet address with a delisted MBB for the Username. The password, which is continuously changing, can be found in a holder gated section of the MBB Discord.
As you can see below, you are able to filter the listings for either MBB or SMB collections:
“Ultra Rare” refers to the amount of listings under 100 rarity, with “Sniper” being listings of under 250 rarity with a price less than 3 times floor.
The listings, which are sorted by floor price by default, provide you with prices, rarity and a link to “rescue” the NFT from a secondary market:
Note: Official rarity is in use for MBB, whereas SMB rarity is statistical and independently calculated based on traits.
Last modified 11mo ago