📖User Guide

To begin using KillShot, navigate to https://762.killshot.ai/.

To use the platform, you must be holding a Killshot NFT or 5+ MBB. You can also sign up for a free trial, but will have limited access to collections/tools.

If you need a KillShot NFT, you can buy one here: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/killshotnft

Sniper (Setup)

Once you have signed up for an account, you will arrive at the home page. In order to begin setting up Killshot, click on “SNIPER” in the Navigation bar, followed by “PROFILE”.

Unless you’re on a free trial, navigate to the “Wallet Status” interface, click the “SYNC/CHANGE WALLET” button to verify that you hold the necessary NFTs to access the platform.

If you plan on using Killshot Comms, navigate to the “YOUR COMM METHODS” interface on the same page, and input your preferred communication methods for alerts.


Home Screen

The home screen aggregates the best performing collections, information on your collections and data about what other users of Killshot are sniping as seen below:

Hot Crews

Hot Crews informs you about the best performing collections. This interface presents you with an important summary, including amount sold, volume and average sale price in a 24 hour period.

Crew List

Filter Collections on KillShot by amount listed, floor, floor change (%) or by a broad 24 hour stats metric. Consider ‘starring’ collections which you frequent for your convenience.

Recently Neutralized

This live feed lets you know which NFTs other KillShot users are sniping. Collections Page

Upon clicking a specific collection, you are presented with the following interface:

The “Rare Targets” tag refers to NFTs within the top 10% of rarity. “Priority Targets” are in the top 20% of rarity, under a 2x floor price. The “Hot Targets” are a selection of NFTs based on the KillShot appraisal score.

Active Targets

Killshot offers an innovative set of filters for active targets, as seen below:

“Comps” refers to a comparison with the 7 day average sale price for similar rarities. “KSA” refers to Killshot Appraisal, which is a function of Comps and the most performant attributes. These tags can be seen seen in the listings below as tags:

Upon clicking on an individual NFT, you are presented with a more detailed interface which provides you with all the historical and comparative data a trader would need, as seen below:


KillShot will e-mail, text or Discord DM you targets that you are interested in as soon as they are detected on the market. Create your own custom alerts comprising of price, rarity, our own rich filters, particular attributes/traits, or a combination of them all. Never miss out on a target you want!

Rollup vs Instant Comms

Rollup Comms essentially "roll up" or compile every on-market target (NFT) that matches your filters and will send you a list of such per your schedule. Rollup Comms were designed to give you a glimpse into the current market, delivered conveniently right to you a few times per day. This saves you from having to keep a KillShot browser tab open all day!

Alternatively, Instant Comms get sent when a new target (NFT) is listed or changes (ex: price decreases). Instant Comms typically get delivered to you within minutes of the actual listing/change.

Instant Comms were designed to send you super quick notifications of targets you *really* want. As such, we recommend Instant Comms be used with very specific filters. Otherwise, you may get bombarded with Comms you don't really want (and you will run out of Comms quickly).

Setting up & Managing Comms

Navigate to the “COMMS” item on the navigation bar, as seen below:

You will be welcomed with the following interface:

The numbers above indicate your profile's statistics. To understand this interface, 0^10 indicates that we have 0 active comms, out of our limit of 10.

Example, Canned and Custom Comms

In order to create your first Comm, you have 3 options.

Example Comm:

By selecting this option Killshot will generate you a random comm, which is a great way to get to understand the concept.

Canned Comm:

Canned Comms are pre-built, popular notifications - and a great way to get started with KillShot. Simply choose the Crew you want to monitor, select a pre-built notification, and you're done.

Custom Comm:

Create your own custom alerts comprising of price, rarity, our own rich filters, particular attributes/traits, or a combination of them all. In order to create a custom comm, navigate to the home page, choose any collection of your choice. Select filters which match your preferences, and click on ‘CREATE COMM’ as seen below:

Comms Preferences:

In order to set your preferences, navigate back to the ‘COMMS’ section and scroll down until you reach the interface seen below:

Schedule (Rollup Comm Settings):

All your Rollup Comms will be combined and delivered to you at the time(s) you choose below. You may choose as many times as you'd like, but be aware that each time will count against your usage. We recommend a nice happy medium of 2-3x daily. Note that DND (Do Not Disturb) settings override any schedule set for Rollups. Mirroring the U.S. stock market, KillShot times are set in the EST time zone (GMT-05:00).

Comm Method (Instant Comm Settings):

We highly recommend e-mail for the most detailed and complete alerts. SMS and Discord DMs will provide as much detail as possible within their respective character limits, but alerts with multiple targets may be cut off.

Hold your fire (Instant Comm Settings):

For Instant Comms, by default, KillShot will only notify you once per 24 hour period on any one (1) target. For example: if a target is listed, delisted and listed again 30 minutes later, we'll only notify you the first time until 24 hours have passed. We recommend keeping this option enabled and set moderately to prevent running through Comms too quickly.

Between the hours of (Do Not Disturb):

This option will disable all Comms between the hours you choose below. Note that DND overrides any schedule set for Rollups. Mirroring the U.S. stock market, KillShot times are set in the EST time zone (GMT-05:00).

Manual Toggle (Do Not Disturb):

Enabling this option disables all Comms until you re-enable. Note that DND overrides any schedule set for Rollups.

Special Ops

Our Special Ops tools are special functions designed for Snipers by Snipers.

Ape Mode

Ape Mode gives you a birds eye view of every supported NFT collection's floor and most valuable targets for a super quick Ape-in. This page gives you a single pane of glass to see all targets across all collections that are either “On Floor” (within 2%), “Priced Below Average” (compared to similar targets) or a “Priority Target” (top 20% rarity for under 2x the floor). The interface of Ape Mode can be seen below:

Gear Check

Gear Check scans your wallet(s) to give you a report of your NFT's KillShot Appraisals, current floor value and potential profit (factoring last sale). The Gear Check interface can be seen below:

Spotter (Coming Soon)

Spotter monitors all the Crews on KillShot for irregular movements, such as sudden floor drops/rises, influxes of targets being sold, etc. If KillShot detects a change in a Crew you monitor, we'll shoot you a message and let you know something is going on. Spotter messages will not count towards your Comm limit.

It doesn’t end here

KillShot was created and is maintained by the 40+ strong dev team @ Monkey Baby Business. As one of the most active developers on the Solana ecosystem, rest assured that we're constantly working to improve the KillShot platform with new features designed to deliver more and more value. Be sure to follow MBB on Twitter for announcements of new features, tips, and tricks.

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