What is a Rollup Comm?

Rollup Comms essentially "roll up" or compile every on-market target (NFT) that matches your filters and will send you a list of such per your schedule. Rollup Comms were designed to give you a glimpse into the current market, delivered conveniently right to you a few times per day. This saves you from having to keep a KillShot browser tab open all day!

What is an Instant Comm?

Instant Comms get sent when a new target (NFT) is listed or changes (ex: price decreases). Instant Comms typically get delivered to you within minutes of the actual listing/change.

Instant Comms were designed to send you super quick notifications of targets you *really* want. As such, we recommend Instant Comms be used with very specific filters. Otherwise, you may get bombarded with Comms you don't really want (and you will run out of Comms quickly).

Why is there a limit on Comms and Comms Sent?

Comms represent the single most expensive feature in KillShot - both in compute resources and actual cost to send each message. If a majority of users were sent hundreds of Comms per day, that would easily put KillShot out of business.

Every user gets 10 Comms Filters / 150 Comms Alerts Sent per month. You can always disable active comms and replace them with new ones as needed. We're looking into various ways to increase limits and we will release more details soon.

If I hold multiple Sniper Badges, do I get more Comms?

Under a single account - no. You may create different accounts (with a different wallet and Comm Method) if you wish. Note, this is a feature we may consider in the future dependent on usage trends.

My Instant Comm was cut off and I couldn't see all my Targets. Why? Instant Comms can be sent via E-mail, SMS or Discord. Due to their inherent design, SMS and Discord do both have their own character limits in a single message. This is why your SMS or Discord Comm was cut off.

We HIGHLY recommend E-mail for ALL Comms (in fact, E-mail is the only method we send Rollup Comms via) as E-mail Comms will never get cut off

You didn't let me know my all time favorite Target was for sale!

Sorry about that - but this can and will happen due to a multitude of reasons, such as:

-You ran out of Comms for the month or you had Do Not Disturb on when the Target was listed.

-Your filters may have been set incorrectly.

-Your Comm may have been lost in transit (ex: went into Spam, or got lost in the airwaves of SMS, or got caught up in a network glitch). We recommend E-mail for all Comms for maximum reliability. On that note - please be sure to add comms@killshot.ai to your whitelist.


I have a request/feedback, how do I contact you?

We'd love to hear from you inside our Discord channel (within Monkey Baby Business). Enter our Discord by clicking here: https://discord.gg/monkeybb

Alternatively, you can e-mail our support team at command@killshot.ai.

What is Monkey Baby Business?

First - a question for you... Where did you find the rock you live under? Monkey Baby Business was created by a group of technology experts and crypto enthusiasts with a passion for propelling the Solana ecosystem forward. Our NFTs (our babies!) were created as a first step in what we hope to be a longstanding community formed around the tools we are building. The NFT space has plenty of problems and bad actors, and we are on a mission to make the space fair and accessible to everyone. Learn more at https://monkeybaby.business/.

How do I get into your Discord?

To join our community, you must hold 1 or more Monkey Baby Business NFTs. Don't have one? Get one(https://magiceden.io/marketplace/monkey_baby_business)! You will not regret joining the MBB family.


Can I purchase a Target on the KillShot website?

Yes! KillShot allows you to snipe NFT targets directly from MagicEden without having to leave the KillShot website. We are currently working on integration for other top marketplaces and that will be available soon.

What is KillShot Rarity?

KillShot Rarity is a statistical rarity based on the formula developed by Rarity.Tools(https://rarity.tools/) . KillShot has very slightly adapted the result of the formula to better conform to other popular rarity rankings (ex: HowRare.is and MoonRank). Specifically, we converted the statistical percentage to a whole number based on collection size and then reversed the order (most rare is a lower number, rather than a higher). You are welcome to read the details on the original formula here(https://raritytools.medium.com/ranking-rarity-understanding-rarity-calculation-methods-86ceaeb9b98c). Please, as always, be sure to DYOR.

What is a LITE gang/collection?

LITE gangs are collections that are monitored by KillShot but do not support some detailed data (more specifically - sales). Why? Collections with a very high number of transactions (such as some games) take a large amount of resources to stay on top of. For the better of the entire KillShot platform we have made the decision to only support limited data in these cases.

It is worth noting that even though these collections don't have some detailed data, you can still set COMMS and search for on-market targets.

I see a target that is no longer for sale, how come?

This is actually by design. Targets that get sold do get removed from KillShot almost instantly, however targets that simply get delisted will stay on KillShot for a time we call a "buffer".

The "buffer" allows KillShot to 1) prevent Comms being sent out prematurely in the case of delist/relist (typically price change) events, and 2) allow for market website instability (ex: if a Marketplace goes offline, KillShot won't send out thousands of "new listing" events when they finally come back online).

I want a specific collection added. Where do I request this?

The KillShot team will add popular collections as part of an ongoing process. If you have a specific collection you want us to add, please suggest this by going here: https://762.killshot.ai/sniper/collection_request and pushing β€œRequest Other Collection”.

Want us to add YOUR collection? KillShot can help increase sales and awareness of your collection. Contact us for details.


What's the formula? Do you fudge the numbers?

The formula used is literally min, average, and max of 60 days worth of sales data for the current best price-performant attribute, rarest attribute, second rarest attribute and comparable targets (targets with a neighboring rarity score). To determine price-performant and rarest attributes systematically, KillShot does ignore some attributes (see our FAQ on that).

KillShot does NOT, nor will we ever, "fudge" the numbers. The min/avg/max values you see are unedited, raw data. For most targets, the "KillShot Appraisal" value will literally be the average value. The only exception to this is for targets with a rarity within the top 20% of the collection, in which the appraisal value will be slightly adjusted to lean towards the higher end of the range to more accurately represent a rarity premium.

Under floor – How & Why?

The estimate this function provides is not affected by the current floor price but rather by actual sales of targets with similar attributes and rarity. This typical reason for the under floor value may be as simple as insufficient sales numbers for KillShot to analyze (ex: super rare attribute that doesn't sell often or a new collection that just launched that didn’t get its feet wet, yet). NFA and DYOR – but we see this as a good thing – maybe offer under floor?

The number is way off!

You know the old saying – beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The numbers don't lie – targets with similar attributes did sell for the top and bottom of the range shown. This is a case now of going beyond the numbers and DYOR to determine an actual value. Our appraisal, after all, is designed as a starting point and is by no means a final number. If you REALLY think the numbers are that far off, please let us know in our Discord and we'll take a look to see if we’re missing any data.

Does KillShot ignore some attributes?

Yes. Attributes such as background color, generation, attribute count, ID #, etc may be ignored on a per-collection basis based on our own determination and community feedback. Details on what attributes were used in our calculation are displayed for total transparency.

How often is the appraisal recalculated?

The appraisal is recalculated daily. Why not in real time? Since the appraisal is based on 60 days of data, you are unlikely to see substantial changes based on only 24 hours’ worth of sales.


My wallet won't verify or KillShot claims I don't have any Sniper Badges. Help!

Sorry you're having trouble, Snipe. We're happy to help - just reach out to us in Discord. BTW, a few common reasons may include:

  • Be sure to sync/verify the wallet that holds your Sniper Badge(s).

  • We only support the Phantom wallet at this time.

  • You may have your Sniper Badge listed for sale. You must hold an UNLISTED Badge to access KillShot.

My Comm Method won't verify or I didn't get the verification code.

We're happy to look into this for you. Before contacting us, please be sure of a few common hiccups here:

  • Please be sure to add comms@killshot.ai to your whitelist for best results. Please also check your Spam/Junk Mail folder for any e-mails from us.

  • For SMS Comms, we only support US-based phone numbers.

  • For Discord Comms, please be sure you are putting in your FULL username with ID#. For example, Snipeyman#1234. You can copy your full ID by clicking your username on the bottom left within Discord.

How can I delete my account?

You may delete your account by visiting your Sniper Profile and clicking "Delete My Account".

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