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Broad Overview

What is Killshot?
KillShot is a Solana NFT sniping tool. It primarily provides you with rich data, enabling you to make the most informed sniping decisions possible. Killshot is NOT a bot, and won’t snipe for you. Rather, it is a tool designed around giving you the best data so you can make informed NFT purchasing decisions quickly and with confidence.

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What are KillShot’s core features?
  • Market Aggregation
Killshot monitors NFTs across marketplaces so you don’t have to. What used to take 20 minutes, is now compiled and presented to you instantly in an easily digestible manner.
We currently aggregate information from: MagicEden, Solanart, and OpenSea with additional marketplace support coming soon.
  • Deep Intel
KillShot provides sales history and metrics at the attribute level.
Our Comps feature allows you to see what similar-rarity targets are selling for in seconds. KillShot goes a step further and gives you a non-biased appraised value for every NFT in a collection, so you instantly know what a target is worth based on performant attributes and sales.
  • Comms (Alerts)
KillShot will e-mail, text or Discord DM you targets that you are interested in as soon as they are detected on the market. Create your own custom alerts comprised of price, rarity, our own rich filters, particular attributes/traits, or a combination of. Never miss out on a target you want!
  • Special Ops
Our Special Ops tools are special functions designed for Snipers by Snipers.
Ape Mode gives you a birds-eye view of every supported NFT collection's floor and most valuable targets for a super quick Ape-in.
Gear Check scans your wallet(s) to give you a report of your NFT's KillShot Appraisals, current floor value and potential profit (factoring last sale).
  • …and more
KillShot was created and is maintained by the 40+ member dev team @ Monkey Baby Business. As one of the most active developers in the Solana ecosystem, rest assured that we're constantly working to improve the KillShot platform with new features designed to deliver more and more value.
Make sure to follow both of our Twitter pages ( and and join our Discord ( to stay updated!
Frequently Asked Questions:
Do I need an NFT to use Killshot?
Yes, you must hold a Killshot Sniper Badge NFT in order to use the platform.
There are only 1,556 Killshot Snipers badges, which can be purchased on Magic Eden:
Alternatively, you can gain full access by holding 5+ MBB NFTs. These can be purchased here:
Can I try the platform before purchasing an NFT?
Yes, you can sign up for a preview of Killshot on You will, however, be restricted to a few collections and only the lite features.
View the full FAQ here: Frequently Asked Questions