Welcome to Monkey Baby Business

Monkey Babies: a core community of cultured and enthusiastic learners, powered by proprietary NFT trading technology and a collaborative spirit. Because we're better. Together.

Our Story

Monkey Baby Business was created by a group of technology experts and crypto enthusiasts with a passion for propelling the Solana ecosystem forward. Much like a top tier university, we've created an irreplaceable entity through a positive feedback loop. Great technology forged by thoughtful architects has attracted bright, cordial minds. That initial core group created a nucleus of thought leadership whose gravity attracted more of the same, and has since compounded into an unassailable ecosystem built on intelligence, kindness, and trust.
MBB has evolved into a true blue chip, backed by a cohesive group of diversified thought leaders across Solana, with long term goals aimed at providing value across the ecosystem in perpetuity.
As an MBB holder, you'll gain access to the best minds and tools across Web3, with opportunities to collaborate, share ideas, and engage in life-changing conversations. And the best part? You'll have fun while doing it! MBB is not just a community, it's a platform for success. Our members include venture capitalists, stock market pros, tech developers, and real estate investors, among other professionals from various fields who contribute their expertise and experiences on a daily basis.
We're talking Crypto, NFTs, TradFi, Real Estate, Commodities, AI and so much more. Basically, if it's Web3-related, we're all over it like a monkey on a banana. And even if it isn’t, we're always curious to explore other subjects.
And don't get us started on our culture of respectful information sharing. We're like the Switzerland of Web3. Disagreements lead to smarter solutions, not shouting matches. You won't just be heard here, you'll be embraced like a long-lost cousin. We're like having a super smart, energetic and always helpful Web3 family.
MBB is on a mission to be a safe space in all the noise, a place that's fair and accessible to everyone. A place that helps everyone grow. Because we're better. Together.

What does holding a Monkey Baby Business NFT get me?

  • Access to one of the kindest, thoughtful and most intelligent communities on Solana.
  • Constant learning opportunities.
  • Access to all of MBB's proprietary tools focused on Solana NFTs.
  • An impressive and growing 1/1 art gallery.
  • Access to MBB-specific Whitelist Opportunities, Presales, and Alpha Plays.
  • Great pixel art, with art upgrades for each MBB coming soon!
  • Genuine friendships. We can't help it. We actually like each other.
  • Wine Talk, Coin Analysis, Wall Street Corner... and so much more!
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